Axiance Broker Review

Money is the center of everything. Even though it’s not the most important or meaningful thing in life it sure helps. It’s not surprising that people seek investment opportunities. For a long time, the best …

Money is the center of everything. Even though it’s not the most important or meaningful thing in life it sure helps. It’s not surprising that people seek investment opportunities. For a long time, the best way to make profits is to find the right brokerage company. There are many reasons why this is so. The main reason is that brokers offer a wide range of services and products in which to invest.

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Finding the right brokerage, one with the minimum account size, availability of multiple pairs, and fast transactions is the ultimate goal is important. However, there are many to choose from. This is where Axiance excels.

Although this company is relatively new, it’s already proving to be a great success story. It demonstrates the quality of its service and the efficiency of its brokers. We are not sure what Axiance actually is so let’s take a look at it first and then go into the specifics.

Axiance Group

Axiance Group (Axiance), a global brand of CFD brokers that are regulated, offers traders around the world a broad range of assets. ICC Intercertus Capital Limited was established in 2016 and is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. It was established in 2019 by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority, a second branch.

Axiance has also been a modern-day broker since August 2022. The Axiance broker review has been praised for transparency and fairness in trading, as well as its use of 21st century technology to improve internet trading. Axiance offers CFDs on commodities, forex, indices and shares.

Clients have access to the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. This allows them to perform advanced analysis and trade, giving them a greater efficiency and better understanding of trading parameters and statistics. This evaluation will further evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the broker to determine if they are a good match for potential clients.

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Information about your account

This broker also offers a forex demo account, a VIP, Premium and Standard account. To be a successful vendor, you need to consider your trading account’s maximum leverage and minimum deposit., Axiance South Africa shows that 1:500 is the maximum leverage when talking about leverage. You can open a brokerage account by making a $250 deposit.

Next, is it possible to get paid using Axiance? If you’re dealing with a Cypriot legal entity, it is possible. But, a license issued in EU by a trusted financial institution is not a guarantee of return or a way to avoid fraud.

Have a look at the UK FCA licensed brokers. Perhaps Axiance is a better option. Here I will talk about a guide I found in the legal files of an agent. Axiance appears to be paying a minimum price $ 150 “Research”, for each ticket refunded.

The main question is now about Axiance, and whether or not it is legal. Because it is composed of several entities, the Axiance group can be considered a legal entity. Other groups can only be registered in the United States. If you want to do business with Axiance you must contract with Cyprus Place. You can also take a look on our list of EU Presidents.

Here are some payment options:

We need to first mention the payment options that you have if Axiance is your choice. AstroPay, credit/debit card, Dragonpay and Przelewy24 are all options.

Neteller: What’s up?

Neteller is one of the most popular online payment platforms. It’s very similar to PayPal, but offers many advantages. Neteller is now accepted by most forex brokers as a deposit or withdrawal option for clients’ funds. Although the Neteller system has a wide availability, it is more popular in Europe. However, it is expected that it will become increasingly popular all over the globe.

Skrill: What does that mean?

Most forex brokers offer Skrill online payment options, which many traders already know. This strategy is popular among traders because of its convenience, speed, and security. It can also be very useful when they have to close the transaction quickly. Traders can fund trading accounts with payment cards, bank wire transfer, or Skrill ewallet accounts.

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Use a wire

The most common method of payment is wire transfers. Nearly every broker in the world offers this service. This is the safest way to transfer money between banks around the world. This is a great option for traders who don’t use third-party payment methods or credit cards.

Traders’ Tools:

A trading platform allows you to purchase and sell instruments with just a few clicks from your mobile device, at any time and any place. The price chart often includes a range of analytical tools that will help you understand the market’s behavior and make informed trades.

This is important because the market changes constantly and it can make a big difference in making or losing money. MetaTrader 4 has been the preferred trading platform for traders for more than a decade. There are many reasons why MetaTrader 4 is still a popular choice for traders.

It has been awarded numerous awards for its market access and chart analysis abilities. It is also easy to use so that even beginners can comprehend how it works. MetaTrader 4 is used by over ten million traders every day. CFD traders will love MetaTrader 5, which includes Expert Advisors support and automated trading. It will also be an enhanced version of the platform that they already use.


  • The company has many regulatory agencies.
  • You have a variety of account options
  • MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, are also available.


  • New brokerage firm
  • Charges for withdrawing money from a credit card
  • Final thoughts

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Although we tried to list all the pros and cons of Axiance, it is up to each individual to decide whether or not to use it. This is a brand new brokerage company. Its biggest problem can be the inability to show itself and prove reliability. The Axiance has time on its side. It is likely that the firm will be more popular and have more users all over the globe in the future.