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How to Prevent Cyberattacks against Your Business?

Cyberattacks are more common in companies with a large staff, at 44% annually. Cyberattacks can cause serious damage to your company’s reputation and financial loss.

You might be curious about how to avoid cyberattacks if you are reading this. Here are some tips to help increase your security and prevent cyberattacks.

What is a Cyberattack?

Cyberattacks are attempts or attacks by criminals using the internet to steal data from your business. This could include customer information, or company information that is not accessible to others.

Cyberattacks can happen at any time, and you don’t know until it’s too late. Cyberattacks can take place in many ways that you may not be aware, such as:

MITM, man-in the-middle

Phishing DOS (denial of service) A cybercriminal might send you an email asking you to click on a link to reset your password immediately. After clicking the link, the hacker has full access to the company’s database.

These are just some of the cyberattacks criminals try to use. If you and your employees follow the tips below, you can decrease the chance of these attacks and protect data that you have worked so hard to gather.

Way Authentication

It’s easy to bypass one security layer and realize there are no additional barriers. Multiple authentication layers are necessary before anyone is allowed to access the database. This will protect your company and the information that you store against a cyberattack.

This could mean that employees have multiple passwords to their desktops, or they are limited to accessing the databases necessary to do their job. Employees should change their passwords every 30 days, if possible, to verify their identity.

This creates an additional complexity that hackers aren’t ready to face when trying to hack into your system.

Outsource IT Services

With so many areas of a company that require your attention, it can be difficult to keep your company’s data secure. You should consider outsourcing your IT department.

It reduces the amount of work you do and gives you extra security by finding a company that can provide IT support services. This can increase your security.

Outsourcing means that you are hiring only IT professionals who will provide you with IT services. They are solely focused on providing IT services, whether it’s security or managing IT risk. A group of people will be monitoring your data security 24/7 and will notify you if anything is amiss.

Outsourcing has the added benefit of helping to mitigate data breaches. This can help reduce risk and costs over the long-term.

Back up your data

Even the most sophisticated security systems will sometimes be compromised by cybercriminals. 40% of the costs a company must pay for a data breach is due to them losing business.

Clients trust you with their personal data. When they discover that their data was lost due to cyberattacks, it can reduce their trust. This can make your company appear to not be serious about protecting your clients.

It is crucial to find a reliable backup service for your data. You can retrieve your data from your cloud, which contains all your important information, if your data is lost.

It is helpful to have one place for information and to then set up the hardware in your office to backup to the cloud each day at the end of business.

Educate your staff

Your company’s security is dependent on your employees being educated about how cybercriminals might attempt to attack your company. One employee can easily give too much information or click on the wrong email and their entire desktop information is gone.

This type of education training should not be done once in a company’s first year. This should be continuous training. Some companies send fake emails to gather data on how many employees clicked on the link.

After the data is collected, the company moves forward with training the employees one-on-one about the mistakes they made. They also provide additional information for the rest of their staff. This adds an additional layer of security to your company by making sure your employees are alert for fraudsters.

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