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Wireless networking pros and cons


Wireless networking (or WiFi, as wireless connections are often called) offer many business benefits over wired networks.

Wireless networking offers many benefits

Efficiency increases

Better data communication speeds up information transfers within and between businesses as well as among partners and customers. Salespeople can check stock levels remotely and price while on sales calls.

Access and availability

Wireless technology allows you to communicate anywhere you go.


Workers who are based in an office can use wireless technology to connect with colleagues without needing to be at their computers. This allows them to continue working while on the road. This can open up new work styles, including home-based working and direct access to corporate data when visiting customer sites. Find out more about employees working remotely.

Cost savings

Wireless networks can be simpler and more cost-effectively installed, particularly in listed buildings where cables are not permitted.

Opportunities for the future

You may be able to offer new services or products through wireless networking. To allow mobile users to connect to their “home” offices, WiFi services have been installed at many locations, including airport departure lounges, railway stations, hotels and cafes.

Wireless networking’s disadvantages

There are some WiFi disadvantages that can be attributed to wireless networks.


Wireless transmissions are more susceptible to being hacked by unauthorized users. You must be vigilant about security. Secure your wireless systems.

Installation problems

If other buildings use wireless technology or there are other sources of interference, interference could occur. This can lead to poor communication and, in extreme situations, total loss of wireless communication.


It can be difficult to get consistent coverage in some buildings. This could lead to “black spots”, where the signal is not available. It may be difficult to receive radio frequencies in structures made from steel reinforcement materials.

Transmission speeds

Wireless transmission may be slower than wired networks and therefore less efficient. The ‘backbone network’ is typically wired or fibre in larger wireless networks.

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